Prostapil soft capsules

Dietetic product, food supplement with the purpose to help urination and irregular enlargement of prostate

Prostapil soft capsules

30 capsules

Features and function
Prostapil is designed with the purpose to help urination and irregular prostate growth. Prostapil capsules help with the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is associated with urinating difficulties, interruption of normal urination, and weak flow of urine, drip urine and frequent urination at night.

Cucurbita pepo L.
Pumpkin seed oil (Cucurbita pepo L. family Cucurbitaceae) has been used for years to treat an enlarged prostate. Pumpkin seed oil contains a lot of different substances but the most interesting for scientists are sterols (Δ7–sterols and Δ5–sterols). These active ingredients of Pumpkin seed oil show positive effect on healing benign prostatic hyperplasia. The Pumpkin seed oil is used to treat frequent urination problems relating to faze I and II of prostate adenoma and irritated bladder.

Serenoa repens (Bartram)
Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens Bartram family Arecaceae)contains phytosterols and fatty acids (lauric, oleic and palmitic acid) as the active substance. Active components of the Saw palmetto inhibit conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which is a major stimulator of prostate growth. Saw palmetto has anti–inflamatory and spasmolytic effect on the muscles of the bladder and thus significantly reduces the edema component of BPH. A Meta–analysis that was conducted on 18 studies showed that Saw palmetto is effective just as a finasteride (drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia). German Commission E has approved the use of Saw palmetto for the treatment of prostate disease and sensitive bladder.


Each Prostapil capsule contains:
Cucurbitae peponis oleum 300 mg
Serenoae repentis extractum oleosum 88 mg
Zinc sulfat monohydrat (Zinc – sulfatum) 41,14 mg


Other ingredients: tocopherol acetate, a mixture of waxes, gelatin, methyl, propyl and glycerol.

Dosage and administration
This product is intended for adult men with evident prostate problems. Adult men should take one capsule two times per day for five days, and after that one capsule per day for three or four months.   



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