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slika cajevi engPharmamed teas

People usually say for tea that is an aromatic potion which is obtained spilling boiling water on the plant. Professionally we say that tea is infusion that we left to stand for some time after the herbal drug (Leaf, root, flower, fruit, etc.) is poured with boiling water.

The benefits of this potion has been recognized by the oldest civilization and they developed different methods of collecting plants, their classification, drying and use.

From these methods, which were not clearly defined, in modern times has developed into an exact science - phytotherapy, which defined steps for systematic collection of herbal drugs and method of use, purpose and dosage.

Since phytotherapy is scientifically recognized as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of various diseases, Pharmamed of its formation is focusing on natural products ie. the pharmakognistic drugs and their compositions.

Pharmamed teas can be purchased in drugstores / pharmacies and some retail chains.





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