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Hoary willowherb is a plant that has long been known as a very effective tool that serves as an aid in the treatment of various diseases of the prostate such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and the bladder and kidney problems.


Astringency and healing properties of sage leaf is derived from the tannins. Sage is a part of a large number of dietary supplements, which are used for rinsing the mouth and throat when incurred inflammation because they are good and harmless and strengthen the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. The tea made from sage is also used to strengthen the body and helps with inflammation.


Napitak se koristi kod bolova i grčeva u stomaku, kod zatvora, te za umirenje i osvježenje, a obloge od kamilice se koriste za umirenje upala kože i sluznica.


Marshmallow root contains 5-10% of mucus (depending on the time of year is collected and ways of processing the drug itself) which mainly consists of acidic polysaccharides. Pectin, sugars, aspartic acid and small amounts of sterols are also present. Marshmallow root is antitusic and it is used for irritable cough and cough caused by inflammation of the throat, and not used as an expectorant.


Peppermint leaf (Menthae piperita folium), acts mildly soothing and calming discomfort in the digestive organs such as cramps, bloating and retching, and is effective against mild diarrhea.


It acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system of the organism. Taheebo also has an antimicrobial effect. It is recommended to drink in chronic diseases (bronchitis, herpes, viral warts, skin diseases), in states of exhaustion and stress and from time to time to strengthen the body


Pomaže kod opstipacija (zatvora). Daje se i kod bolesti gdje je poželjna defekacija s mekanom stolicom (hemoroidi, analne fisure, nakon kirurških zahvata). Početak djelovanja je nakon 8-12 sati. Ne smije se uzimati za vrijeme trudnoće i dojenja, niti davati maloj djeci.




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