Magnesium 375 DIRECT

Dietetic product, food supplement for daily supplement of magnesium

Product: Magnesium 375 DIRECT

Packaging: 20 sachets (one sachet weights 2,5 g)

Features and function

Magnesium 375 DIRECT is a dietetic product, food supplement for daily supplement of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral for human body, as it is necessary for correct function of the heart, nerves and muscles. It is a very important activator of many enzymes and activator of many metabolic reactions in the body. Magnesium has an important role in the healthy functioning of the musculature, it is important for the proper structure and growth of bones and teeth. It is necessary for the correct functioning of the nervous system. Due to the body's inability to produce magnesium itself, it is necessary to obtain adequate intake by nutrition. Because of an unbalanced diet, stress and hard labor there is a need for additional intake of magnesium in form of supplements. Recommended daily dose is 375 mg which corresponds to 1 sachet of Magnesium 375 DIRECT.

Magnesium citrate

Magnesium 375 DIRECT contains 375 mg of magnesium in one sachet which corresponding to the recommended daily dose. Magnesium 375 DIRECT consists of magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide. Magnesium citrate is organic compound, and it has a good bioavailability and it is very quickly absorbed from digestive tract. Thanks to this combination, magnesium quickly absorbed into the blood and thereby contributes to quick muscle relaxation and tension and quickly supply the body with magnesium. It’s advised to use Magnesium 375 DIRECT in the following conditions: if you are exposed to everyday stress, if you have hard physical activity, fatigue and exhaustion, cramps in the muscles, every day for normal function of the hearth, every day for normal metabolism and energy production, for healthy bones and teeth and electrolyte balance. Magnesium is required for small childern, pregnant and lacting women, adolescents, adults and elderly people.



100 g

1 sachet



15 g

375 mg

100 %

*RDA – recommended daily allowance

Ingredients: Trimagnesium-dicitrate-9-hydrate (200 mg of magnesium), sorbitol, magnesium oxide (175 mg of magnesium), acidity regulator: citric acid, magnesium stearate, tricalcium phosphate, flavourings, sweeteners: aspartam and acesulfam.

Dosage and administration

Place granulate of 1 sachet directly on the tongue. Granulate will disolve quickly and can be swallowed without additional liquid.


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