For mild inflammation of the mouth, throat and cold Angipro Active spray is an effective combination of propolis tinctura, thyme tinctura, sage tinctura, peppermint tinctura, menthol and broad spectrum antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride. Due to its composition Angipro Active spray effectively helps: During mild inflammation of the mouth, throat and colds and it can be used to refresh the mouth with bad breath and to maintain a normal state of the lining of the mouth and throat.


Oil of carnation with its main ingredient, eugenol, acts as a local anesthetic, and also as an antiseptic, and gives DENTAX drops a pleasant smell. Tincture of mire has bactericidal and analgesic effects and enhances granulation of tissue and wound healing. Because of these features, DENTAX drops are used as mounted components for aiding alleviated toothache.


Medifit drops with propolis are dietetic product a dietary supplement intended for vitality and immunity boost.


Gum drops are indicated for the coating of the inflamed gums in mild inflammation of the lining of the mouth and throat, and to prevent surface bleeding in periodontitis


Dietetic product, dietary supplement for internal and external usage


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Astringency and healing properties of sage leaf is derived from the tannins. Sage is a part of a large number of dietary supplements, which are used for rinsing the mouth and throat when incurred inflammation because they are good and harmless and strengthen the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. The tea made from sage is also used to strengthen the body and helps with inflammation.


Propolis is a natural bee product. The ingredients are different plant resins and waxes that bees add their secretions gland. Propolis is well known and respected as a natural mean which helps strengthen the body’s resistance, and as a mean to protect and nurture the lining of the mouth and oral cavity.


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