Colobalance capsules

Improves general health, normal function of the immune system and the preservation of the intestinal flora.

COLOBALANCE capsules a 60

The bottle contains 60 capsules

Dietary supplement product with colostrum and probiotics

Colobalance capsules are a dietary product, food supplement with a unique combination of natural substances that help to protect the health, improve general health and normal function of the immune system. They are also suitable for the preservation of the intestinal flora. Colobalance capsules containing bovine colostrum and probiotic culture.

Colostrum is the first milk of mammals which occurs 24 to 48 hours after birth. It contains a large number of substances essential for growth, development and immunity factors. Some of these are immunoglobulins, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Colostrum is recommended to be taken as prevention for influenza, colds and viral diseases, for improving immunity. It is also used during illness, recovery from illness and long-term use of antibiotics. It is recommended to athletes, manual workers and people suffering from diarrhea. Colostrum products can be taken by children and adults.

Bacillus coagulans (Lactobacillus sporogenes)
Lactospore® is a trademark of probiotic cultures of bacteria of the genus Bacillus. Lactospore® helps maintain intestinal microflora and improve the immune system. Lactospore® is stable product that has the same number of bacteria during use and storage. Lactospore® survives the acidic conditions of the upper parts of the digestive system and reach the small intestine intact. In the small intestine produces sufficient amount of lactic acid and other antagonists and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


Ingredients 1 capsules RDA*
Kolostrum goveđi IgG 40 350 mg -
Bacillus coagulans (Lactospore®)

67 mg
(1 milijarda)




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