Drops No. 1: The kidneys and the bladder

Dietetic product, dietary supplement for kidneys and bladder

Herbifit drops Nº1 intended for kidneys and bladder

Bottle contains 30 ml of Herbifit drops for kidneys and bladder

Features and function
Herbifit drops Nº1 for kidneys and bladder are specific product made from natural components and it is intended for promoting of excretion of urine. This allows better rinsing of urinary tract and reduces possibility of urinary infection. Herbifit drops Nº1 is dietetic product, a dietary supplement intended for kidneys and bladder. It is recommended for mild inflammation of kidneys and bladder.

Bearberry leaf
Bearberry leaf consists of the whole or cut dried leaves of Arctostaphylos uva–ursi (L.) SPRENG., Ericaceae. The antiseptic and diuretic properties claimed for bearberry leaf extract can be attributed to the hydroquinone derivatives, especially arbutin. Arbutin is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract virtually unchanged and during renal excretion is hydrolysed to yield the active principle, hydroquinone, which exerts antiseptic and astringent action on the urinary mucous membranes. The crude extract of bearberry leaf is reported to be more effective as an astringent and antiseptic than isolated arbutin. This may be due to the other hydroquinone derivatives, in addition to arbutin,  that are present in the crude extract and which will also yield hydroquinone. It has been stated that the presence of gallic acid in the crude extract may prevent b-glucosidase cleavage of arbutin in the gastrointestinal tract before absorption, thereby increasing the amount of hydroquinone released during renal excretion.German Commission E has approved the use of re to treat bearberryof the urinary system.

Parsley root
Parsley root consists of the dried roots of Petroselinum crispum MILL., Umbelliferae. It consists principally of flavonoids and essential oil. Parsley root has diuretic and spasmolytic effect. The violate oil is a strong uterine stimulant. It has been assumed that the diuretic effect of parsley root is mainly due to apiole and myristicin. German Commission E has approved use of parsley root for irrigation in the urinary tract. Irrigation therapy for the prevention and treatment of kidney gravel.

Rupturewort is pharmacognostical drug and it consists from dried plant Herniariae glabra L. Caryophyllaceae. Rupturewort is used for treatment and alleviation of conditions and disorders involving the kidneys and urinary tract or the respiratory tract. Based on saponin and flavonoid content rupturewort is used as a diuretic pharmacognostical drug in chronic cystitis, urethritis, as well as a bladder tenesmus. German Commission E has approved use of the rupturewort for the treatment and alleviation of conditions and disorders involving the kidney and urinary tract.

Restharrow root consists of the dried roots of Ononidis spinosa L., Fabaceae. Restharrow shows mild diuretic effect. It is used for irrigating of the urinary tract in inflammatory conditions, and also for the prevention of kidney gravel. The action of this drug has been repeatedly confirmed in animal experiments. German Commission E has approved use of restharrow for irrigating the urinary tract in inflammatory conditions. Also for the prevention and treatment of kidney gravel.

Horsetail herb (Equisetum)
Horsetail herb consists of dried sterile stems of Equisetum arvense L., Equisetaceae. Horsetail herb contains more than 10% inorganic constituents, two thirds of which are silicic acid and potassium salts. German Commission E has approved the use of Horsetail herb for post–traumatic and static oedema. For irrigating the system in bacterial and inflammatory disorders of the urinary tract and in cases of renal gravel.

Birch consists of dried leaves of Betula pendula ROTH., Betulaceae. This drug contains flavonoids and other compounds such sapinins. German Commission E has approved the use of birch for irrigation therapy in bacterial inflammatory conditions of the lower urinary tract and renal gravel.


100 g Herbifit drops Nº1 contains:
Bearberry leaf tincture (Uvae ursi tinctura 1:5, Uvae ursi folium: Ethanol 70%) 50 g
Parsley root tincture (Petroselini tinctura 1:5, Petroselini radix: Ethanol 70%) 10 g
Horsetail tinctura (Equiseti tinctura 1:5, Equisetum arvense: Ethanol 70%) 10 g
Birch leaf tinctura (Betulae tinctura 1:5, Betula pendula: Ethanol 70%) 10 g
Restharrow root tinctura (Ononidis tinctura 1:5, Ononidis radix: Ethanol 70%) 10 g
Rupturewort tinctura (Herniariae tinctura 1:5, Herniariae herba: Ethanol 70%) 10 g


Dosage and administration
Herbifit drops Nº1 is product intended for only adults. It is recommended to take 2 to 3 times a day 20–30 drops with small amount of water or on the sugar cube.

Keep at temperature of 25 ºC. Close the bottle after each use.




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