Uropil capsules

Dietetic product, dietary supplement, intended to help with renal colic and ureteal stones

Uropil Capsules a 40

40 capsules

Features and function
Uropil capsules are a dietetic product, dietary supplement, created to help patients with renal colic and degradation and removal of stones from the kidneys and urethra. Uropil capsules have a unique natural formula of terpenes which are metabolized to glucuronide, and that assist in dissolving kidney stones in the kidney and urethra. These glucuronide dissolves the calcium, which is incorporated in kidney stones. Khellin, visnagin and khelol–glycosides are the main active compounds in the extract of the plant Khella (Ammi visnaga L.). The active compounds of the plant Cymbopogon proximus are proximadiol and terpenes. Uropil capsules manifest their spasmolytic effect throughproximadol and khellin, and these two active substances have a relaxing effect on the muscles of the urethra which preserve normal muscle tone, making it easier for propulsion of ureteral stones.


Each Uropil capsule contains:
Ammeos visnage extractum siccum 180 mg
Cymbopogoni proximi extractum siccum 72 mg


The other ingredients are: lactose, anhydrous lactose (Lactosum anhydricum) and calcium hydrogenphosphate.

Dosage and administration
Patients should take one capsule of Uropil two times a day. The product is intended for adults.



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